I met Nichole during my time here at Cal Poly through various Cru functions. We’ve worked together on multiple events and she’s a great person. Very calm, kind, and sweet. For her senior photos we ran around downtown San Luis Obispo in the early morning, which is a fun time to explore. There were not many people out as the sun starts to rise over the surrounding mountains, so it was a nice and easy shoot.

DSC_1564 DSC_1569

DSC_1574 DSC_1584 DSC_1585 DSC_1587 DSC_1610 DSC_1616 DSC_1617  DSC_1632 DSC_1638 DSC_1679 DSC_1682 DSC_1711 DSC_1721 DSC_1728 DSC_1731 DSC_1738 DSC_1739 DSC_1804  DSC_1810 DSC_1822 DSC_1827 DSC_1831 DSC_1839 DSC_1841 DSC_1846 DSC_1848 DSC_1850 DSC_1854 DSC_1856 DSC_1857 DSC_1859 DSC_1860 DSC_1864

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