Erin has been my roommate the past two years. She is a blast to be around. We love a lot of the same things and have bonded many nights over watching the Real Housewives and eating a donut or two. I loved doing this photoshoot because we are comfortable around each other, and it felt more like hanging out than doing a shoot. I absolutely love how these photos turned out.

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Jess is an awesome girl who I originally met in my freshman dorm, Trinity. She is a beautiful girl with a big heart! She asked me to shoot her senior photos this past quarter and I was more than happy to do so. We explored Montana de Oro for her photoshoot and had a great time!

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Montana is yet another friend that I met in Trinity and have stayed in contact with. She is super awesome and really fun to be around, and it was lots of fun taking her senior photos. We got up way too early on a Saturday morning to hike up the top of a hill and catch the sunrise. We then ventured around a cool office building nearby. I loved this photo shoot because it was fun to do, but also because we had so much variety in the location. And of course Montana was a breeze to photograph!

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Mariah is an awesome friend and person. We met in Trinity freshman year, and she has been a really great friend these past four years. It was so fun to take her senior photos in Montana de Oro! It was insanely windy once we got to Spooner’s Cove, but we made it work and had fun while we were at it 🙂

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I met Nichole during my time here at Cal Poly through various Cru functions. We’ve worked together on multiple events and she’s a great person. Very calm, kind, and sweet. For her senior photos we ran around downtown San Luis Obispo in the early morning, which is a fun time to explore. There were not many people out as the sun starts to rise over the surrounding mountains, so it was a nice and easy shoot.

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