Rachael is a friend of mine that I met originally through my job at Starbucks but grew closer to when she joined our community group. She is a funny, intelligent, wise person, and an absolutely wonderful model. We had a great time venturing around SLO last November for her senior pictures!

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Jon and Alex are friends from my dorm freshman year, Trinity. It was their three year anniversary in October and Alex decided to surprise Jon with these photos as a way to celebrate. It was a really fun time getting to catch up with them and run around Los Osos shooting photos. They both are an amazing couple and it has been so fun to see them progress from dating at the beginning of freshman year to where they are now.

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I am so stoked that Gracey asked me to shoot her senior photos! We have led a bible study together for the past year and have had such a fun time. She is a great leader and friend, and has a beautiful heart for the Lord. She is wise, funny, and super cute as you can tell! Her mom tagged along for this shoot, which made it even more fun. I had a blast and love how these photos turned out.

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I was so excited do a roommate shoot for these girls a couple weeks back! We were all in the same dorm together freshman year and most of them have been in my bible study since then as well. I love these girls so much and was so excited to do this fun shoot for them. We did one at the end of freshman year when six of them were going to live together the next year, and now we are doing one again because Annie and Mary joined the group at the beginning of last year.  We all ventured out to Montana De Oro, a beautiful state park on the coast. It has these awesome eucalyptus groves and beautiful cliff dotted beaches that make for a beautiful back drop to any photo shoot.

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I have always wanted to take pictures back in architecture graveyard. The structures that rest back in the canyon are so serene yet have a haunting quality to them, and I have always felt like they would make a great backdrop to a photo shoot. As it is the beginning of the quarter and I have a decent amount of ‘life’ still, I decided to just go for it and ask someone to model for me. My good friend Lydia used to go back there when we lived on campus and spend time amongst the mountains and the trees. I remember her telling me in the past that she loved it back in Poly Canyon and that it was  special place to her, so I decided she would be the perfect fit.

We decided to trek back there on a Saturday afternoon.  It was sunny the whole day but it was supposed to rain the next day. We assumed we would be fine, but it seemed the clouds decided to roll in early. As we left for the shoot, we noticed there were some pretty ominous looking storm clouds on the horizon. Lydia, being a Portland native, was stoked for the rain. I, being a photographer, was not. We decided to just go for it though, and I’m so glad we did.  I was hoping to catch a beautiful sunset along with some gorgeous lighting at the shoot, but instead we got storm clouds and wind. Thankfully it stayed dry the whole time we were out there. While not expected, it was a beautiful moment and Lydia was the perfect model for the shoot.

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