let me guess...

You're about 15 tabs deep into wedding vendors on this seemingly endless search for the "one." You've said "yes" to your best friend, and now it's time to find vendors you can fall in love with too!

Yes to your best friend, yes to a lifelong travel partner, yes to a life together. 

Trust, Communication, and Comfort. Three things you can’t live without, and three things that make for a great relationship with your wedding photographer. Of course, you want beautiful photos, but you also want someone who will take the time to get to know you, someone who cares about your wedding day just as much as you do.

You’ve Said Yes... 

if you're over there like "OMG... she gets me"
Then you might be asking yourself, Who’s that girl? 

"From the moment we messaged her, she was so friendly and responsive, she was the easiest of all of our vendors to communicate with and plan. Throughout the wedding planning process she kept in contact with us, learning more about us which made our wedding day so much more laid back and at ease! We were able to get all of the photos we dreamed of .. and they turned out AMAZING!!"

- Samantha

it's mel!

I'm an Ohio Wedding Photographer servicing the surrounding areas of:
Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Athens, Chillicothe

I'm also available for Louisville, KY and Charleston, WV!

If you happen to be getting married in Arizona, that's forever my second home.
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