Adventurous Canyon Lake Engagement | Christine + Cory

I went on an adventurous Canyon Lake engagement session with Cory and Christine last week, and she literally couldn’t have picked a better location! Dreamy! I wasn’t expecting to see this vast openness of the gorgeous Arizona scenery for their engagement session. We had the best of golden hour, AND we managed to not fall off the cliff… so two solid plus notes for all of us!

Christine, Cory, and I met up and took a jeep all the way past Canyon Lake to arrive at this amazing lookout for their Arizona engagement session, and I have to say it did not disappoint! I’m sure their friends and family out in Pittsburgh will want to take a visit out this way now! 😉

Get ready for a sweet long distance love story, and the pretty pic-chas!!



How you met:

Cory: We met through one of my best friends in college. While she was in college I just visited pretty much every weekend for 6 years. She was always around, and we always had a blast together. We just had this connection that no one else shared. It’s hard to explain.

Christine: Mutual friends during college.



* insert heart melting emoji as you read this part *

How you started dating:

Cory: I woke up one day and genuinely missed her, so I sent her this gigantic bear and completely surprised her with it. After a long couple years of me making excuses as to why I couldn’t make it to see her, (as stubborn as I was I never did after college until last year)…. anyway I finally made the journey out to see her in Phoenix last March and of all the times we should’ve been together it just felt right, like the missing piece was right there in front of me the whole time, once I felt that, I knew I’d never let her go.

Christine: We have been really close friends since we met, so we always kept in touch. We had kinda tried dating off and on, but the long distance thing was hard. After dating other people for ~6 yrs, we finally realized we always came back together, and that we needed to find a way to make it work.



Favorite thing about the other:

Cory: She can always make me laugh, no matter what.
Christine: He can always make me laugh, and I know he will always be there for me.


What attracted you the most to each other?

Cory: Everything. Smile personality whit charm she’s tall and beautiful. To name a few.
Christine: His sense of humor and loyalty to his family and friends.



Wedding plans:

Cory: Defer to Christine lol
Christine: We are getting married at Shady Elms Farm in Pittsburgh, PA. We basically just want to have a big party and celebrate with all our friends and family. So many of them live all over the country, so we can’t wait to have them all together.

What you’re looking forward to most after being married:

Cory: Starting a family. I couldn’t ask for a better person to raise children with.
Christine: Living together, and finally being able to have a normal relationship. It’s been a lot of effort and stress living so far apart for so long.



But like, how stinking cute are these two?!

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