Arizona Wedding Photographer | Pursuit Styled Couples Session

Let me just start off by saying how astonished I am to come to the realization that I have yet to share these images on my blog yet! A lot has happened since this wonderful styled session I did with some fellow Pursuit Community Photographers, but these images still remain un-blogged…

While I was living in North Carolina, I had the pleasure of working and befriending some wonderfully, amazing, Godly women in the Pursuit Community – Fayetteville. This styled session was the very first time I was able to meet a few of the fantastic ladies in person! In addition to meeting these photographers, I was given the opportunity to photograph this charismatic couple that I am about to share with you! The love these two share is beyond noticeable, you can just tell they have a successful marriage.

Gigantic props go out to Bethany’s hubby, Peter, for being the amazing man that he is! I don’t know how many men out there would be okay with having a good 10 photographers grabbing the two of them and posing them for a couple of hours straight. Did I mention that these two models toughed it through the off and on pouring rain?! Amazing. I had such a blast photographing and posing these two, and having the chance to showcase their love, with other beautiful photographers along the way!

Here are the wonderful images I keep forgetting to share with you all:
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