Arizona Wedding Photographer Trekking Muddy Maricopa

I don’t believe that one can truly be called a photographer until they have trekked through muddy terrain in a pair of 2.5″ pumps, while wearing a nice business dress and coat. Welcome to the Maricopa desert, after a nice day and a half of raining! Let me share with you a little more of the back story…

Many of you are aware of the fact that I moved back to Arizona as a wedding photographer a few months ago. Well… I am currently residing in Maricopa, which means that I have a good 30-50 minutes of driving to get to anywhere I need to be. However, it is the most beautiful and calming drive I’ve ever had to make, I cannot complain one bit. Every time I drive back to my place, I wish I had my professional camera to sneak off to the side of the road and obnoxiously photograph the breathtaking mountain silhouettes that encompass the road I travel on towards home. Well, today was finally the day! I had completed this wonderful two day event at Arizona State for Veterans pursuing a professional future, which meant that I had all of my gear just chilling in my car on the way home this time! Yay, me!

Naturally, seeing these gorgeous views and knowing I had my gear next to me, I decided to take my little Chevy Equinox off roading in the muddy desert grounds of Maricopa so I could capture the perfect scenes! Now let me tell you, I am well aware of the fact that AWD does not mean 4WD. Did that stop me? Of course not, I would sort out those details if the time came. That time did not come. She did manage to do a few half donuts upon exiting both locations though, and it was a total blast!!

So, once I found the perfect locations, I decided that walking in my pumps in the mud was going to be the best way to get the exact images I was imagining in my head. If you can picture how ridiculous this girl right here looked in her attire, crouching down nearly touching the mud, you will probably be laughing as hard as I was after the fact. Well… needless to say, the images turned out just how I would have liked, and I was so glad to have this random detour finally occur! The things a photographer will do to capture the perfect shots…

Here are the images!! If you share, please be sure to credit my website or facebook page! Thank you, my lovely readers!

Enjoy! <3


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