ASU Old Main Graduation Portraits | Phoenix Portrait Photographer

I spent an early morning at ASU for some Old Main graduation portraits the other week. It’s been some time since I’ve solely done portrait photography! Boy, do I have news to share with you… I have officially decided to bring portrait photography back into my work flow again! I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed taking photos of people dressed super cute, in a not so wedding attire, but I have. So, I have decided that in addition to being a Phoenix Wedding Photographer, I will also be adding Phoenix Portrait Photographer to the mix. I have already been adding to my boudoir collection, but I will be doing glamour sessions as well!

Stay tuned as I update my website to include portrait photography in the mix. You may have also noticed some minor updates to the graphics on my page!! I finally decided on a logo that I felt fit my styling, and I feel like it fits in with my website really well.

It’s this baby: favicon circle white bg

I can’t wait to continue adding small details to make my website prettier!


Now onto my Old Main Graduation Portraits, check out this gorgeous ASU Graduate!! 


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