Baby Christian in Remission

Let me just start out by saying how lucky I have been to have such an easy baby when it comes to bed time. From month 1, I have been able to get little Christian on a decent sleeping schedule. I would make sure he was moved to our room in his pack-n-play by 9pm almost every day. He would then wake up once or twice in the morning but go back to sleep. It was wonderful! As he neared 2 months, I was able to sleep through a full night!! [Night is defined as 9pm – 5am.]
Well, fast forward to just shy of 4 months and we have Sir Wakes A-lot. I will blame it partially on the fact that poor little man has been sick for the past week or so, but none the less, it’s a bummer. He has not only resorted to waking at 1-2am and 4-5am, but he has also become accustomed to falling asleep with Mommy or Daddy holding him and will immediately wake from his slumber at the first touch of his bed. *sigh*
Now, don’t take all of this as me being a bad parent… I love my kiddo indefinitely! It’s just upsetting that he has decided to start a new routine of his own. On a side note, he now likes to toss over constantly in his sleep. This is to include sleeping on his side! What a goofball!

Enough ranting! I just haven’t updated in a while. School is going well. Not getting the A’s that I would like but, considering what all I am balancing right now, I shouldn’t be complaining. I’m still passing with B’s.
I’m also trying to get some new pricing lists put together for our move to Fayetteville, North Carolina this summer. It’s crazy how quick that date is coming! I’m planning to link up with some wedding venues in the area along with trying to attend a bridal show or two! That means I need to get some prints ordered…

Well, it’s about midnight here and I have a sleeping baby that will probably be waking in a few hours so, I should call it a night. I have some SEO building to do tomorrow! Along with math. Boo..

Baby Picture Updates to Follow:

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