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While planning up some style shoots, I had the opportunity to officially meet with Laura, an owner of the Bella Bridesmaids in Scottsdale! We had been Facebook and Instagram friends for some time before officially meeting, and man is she a sweetheart! We were able to chat for a little while about our love for North Carolina, along with our talks about runs, and my little kiddo! Not only is she super smart, but she’s an avid runner, and a very warm welcoming person to meet! I can only assume the same for the rest of the fabulous people with Bella Bridesmaids’ Scottsdale location. Jillian is another one of the gorgeous ladies holding down this fort, but I sadly didn’t get a chance to meet with her this visit!

Bella Bridesmaids has such a perfect variety of dresses for just about any occasion! I came with a very basic vision, and she went all out! She had so many fabulous ideas for the simplistic color scheme I came into the store with. With the vast array of colors and textures available in this gorgeous place, I know you’ll find just the dress you’re looking for! I think my favorite thing about this store is how universal so many of their dresses are! Almost all of them can be used for just about any occasion! I just adore that they can be dressed up or dressed down!


Get a feel for what you will see when you visit this adorable Downtown Scottsdale location!!



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