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blush-bridal-brides-wedding-mirror-dressingBefore entering this white, old fashioned, building found off Broadfoot Avenue in Fayetteville, North Carolina, one would never have guessed that such elegance and class would be hidden behind these walls. Blush Bridal is truly a one-of-a-kind bridal boutique experience. With so many plans for the future, it’s hard to believe they’ve only just begun owning this building this past March!

Once inside Blush Bridal, the first room you walk into instantly greets you with its gorgeous antique wall mirror that is perfect for viewing the “Yes” dress! The furniture surrounding this view mirror is just the right amount for close friends and family to watch as you twirl around in any of the beautiful designer wedding dresses waiting in the next room. Coffee is also readily available which, let’s face it, is a necessity for a day packed full of wedding planning!

There is one thing I find to be most relaxing about this boutique, that I found to be different from a lot of other bridal stores I’d seen. It is that, while every dress to try on is truly unique, Faith and Candice still choose wedding dresses and gowns that have similar styles to one another. I enjoyed being able to look around their store without a sense of overwhelming choices from too many styles surrounding me.

With so many unique wedding dresses, in a variety of price ranges, the ladies of Blush Bridal can surely find the perfect dress for your special day. If you’re having trouble choosing what accessories to go with your wedding dress or bridesmaids’ dresses, Candice is your girl to go to for stylized appointments. She will find just the right items you’re missing, while still staying within your wedding day’s budget. They have everything from earrings and bracelets, to clutches and “wifey” mugs. If you’re missing something for your wedding day, Blush Bridal will pretty much have it! They even have an abundance of other designs and jewels to be found on their website:

Here are some of the images I captured while visiting!






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