Candid Mcdowell Mountain Engagement Session | Ellie + Josh

If only words could describe just how much I loved this candid McDowell Mountain engagement session you guys! Ellie and Josh were so full of laughs and smiles, even through the Arizona heat. You wouldn’t believe me, but we had bottles of waters, and towels, waiting behind the camera between nearly every one of our photos, and boy did we use them up! Josh and Ellie seriously killed it for this session, and I can only imagine how adorable they are going to be on their wedding day.

The amount of times these two had me laughing was out of control, and I almost wished I could have upped my humor level to be as cool as them! 😉  I can already tell that these two are the perfect match for one another, and they have some super well trained pups to work with as well!



So how did you two meet?

Josh and I met on Tinder, believe it or not. Yes, I swiped right for that good looking man! I wish we would have kept our conversation because I’m pretty sure he had the funniest pick up lines ever, and I ate them right up.


How did you start dating?

We had the worst first date (Josh believes otherwise) followed by a not-so-bad second date, followed by an “oh-crap-I’m-in-love” third date. I knew from the third date I was in over my head.  Always give a man a second chance ladies! 

Josh added in that Ellie took amazing care of him when he had his knee surgery.



What’s your favorite thing about one another?

For Ellie: I loved how upfront he was, how goofy he was, and how much fun we had doing nothing together. He puts up with my crazy, and our values are directly in line with each other.

For Josh: Her smile and infectious personality. She also puts up with me.


What are you most looking forward to once you’re married?

For Ellie: Getting to wake up every day to my best friend. 

For Josh: Doing nothing and everything with my best friend.


I think the rest is clearly history you guys… but how stinking cute are they?!

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