Mandy + Ethan | Centennial Park Engagement Session in Nashville

There’s actually a funny, maybe not so funny, story behind choosing this Centennial Park Engagement Session as our location in Nashville. We totally had not intended to take engagement pictures here at first, but we literally got kicked out of our first location… (whoops.)  We were starting to take photos at one of the first locations in Nashville, when we were made aware of the fact that appointments had to be made if we wanted to photograph at their location for professional services, and no appointments were available for us that day.

It was such a bummer because we literally took two pictures before they saw us there and booted us out! Great awareness on their accord though. It was so empty that afternoon too, I know we could have captured some gorgeous spots! We weren’t going to let that ruin our afternoon though, especially with a late afternoon of rain chasing our tails. So, what does any good photographer and engaged couple do?! We get on our phones and brainstorm our next area of operations.

Well, my little ol’ “lived in Tennessee for half a year” self decided we should just go ahead and hit up Centennial Park for their engagement session, and man am I glad we did that! From the gorgeous lake, to the violinist we snagged pictures with at the end, even the willow trees, I think we picked right. This Arizona girl has definitely missed seeing this different type of green… and can we just talk about how cute Mandy’s dress and shoes are for a moment?! They were both looking so dashing for this Centennial Park engagement session!


It brings a great honor to share with you some of my favorites from Centennial Park. Those greens are just to die for!



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