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I’m honestly not normally a snow globe kind of person, but as I walked around Target the other week while visiting Columbus, I came across something sparkly. It was a snow globe showcasing Christmas in Paris. Seconds after picking it up, so many memories came rushing in. I was envisioning my bus ride to Paris on Christmas Eve. I remembered attending Christmas Eve service at the Notre Dame. They sang holiday songs in French for my first Catholic service. I remembered the local pastry shop in a little village outside of Paris that I’d visit on my way to the metro. The hospitality of my airbnb host and the first time I ever tried a nespresso machine. It’s so hard to believe that was already seven years ago. It’s also amazing how one little item can bring back a rush of memories you thought you might have already forgotten.


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I stood there in Target with Christian as we let it play it’s little melody again and again. Christian had looked up at me saying how he wanted to take me to Paris, and it was the sweetest thing. It made me realize that we have a lot of adventuring to do. I grew up so much in my late teens with my travels throughout Europe, and I want him to experience the same thing. There’s just something about travel that’s so good for the soul, and so good for growth. I’ve had us start working on our French so we can at least start with Quebec. A place I’ve never been to, but a place equally as beautiful. I also think there’s just something so important (especially as Americans) about learning another language or two. But before I end up ranting about becoming bilingual or multilingual…

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Let’s talk about 2019!

This year brought a lot of change into Christian and my life. His dad passed away. We relocated. We bought a home. Christian started pre-school. The list could really go on for a while. But change was huge for us this year in pretty much every aspect of life. So next year’s plan is to be more consistent. Life will happen, but I want us to be more focused on stability as much as we can.


For Business:

I’m reforming my brand a little more to focus on becoming more of a lifetime photographer. I’ll have a different adventure for the different chapters in my clients’ lives, but it’ll all be under one brand. I’ll be taking on Fresh 48’s, Families, Seniors, and Weddings. Each of these sessions will still maintain a very candid, lifestyle feel to them though. I’ll have a Melissa Anne Weddings side and a Melissa Anne Portraits side to my business now.


For Personal:

I’m putting a stronger focus on mental health, and allowing us time for traveling again. I’m working on truly making our house a home, even if right now it feels almost foreign to me. I’ll be placing more attention on Christian and my health, be it exercise or our diet. We’ll be focusing more on experiences than small materialistic things. I also plan to really get us organized in every aspect of life. Our home time, our cleaning, my business – personal life balance, you name it.

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2018 has been rough, I’m sure for many, but I always strive to make the most out of any experience that comes my way. I also know that I have some super adorable and amazing Ohio brides (and Arizona) coming my way in just a few short months! In addition to some super wonderful senior girls!


Until next time.

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