Coastal Engagement Session in Portland, Maine | M + Z

This coastal engagement session in Portland, Maine wouldn’t have happened had it not been for an accounting tutor in 2008! Meg was a freshman at the University of South Carolina, and Zach just so happened to be a tutor.


How it started:


“After the summer, Meg and Zach reconnected over long text messages about Maine (she had never met anyone from Maine), overcoming mono, and fun roadtrips. Meg’s dad noticed that she kept talking about “the tutor” and urged her to hang out with him (have to give George D’Urso some credit here)!”

They finally became Facebook official on November 21, 2008, and the rest is history!


A few of the things that connected me to Meg and Zach was their love for travel and local food/drink spots! Not only have they already been to 5 countries together, but they love eating delicious food at dives.

My kind of people!! 😉



How he asked:


As told from The Knot:  Zach told Meg that he wanted to plan a “special day” for her 29th birthday, on January 6, 2018. Meg had a small feeling that he might propose, but figured he would probably propose in Hawaii, which they were leaving for on vacation the week after.

They enjoyed breakfast, and then went to Lumberjaxe, the new Axe Throwing bar in Charlotte. It was a blast, and no one was injured! They grabbed a beer at Catawba Brewing, one of Meg’s favorite breweries, and then got lunch at Kickstand Burgers, a great burger joint.

They had a break for a nap (essential for a special day for Meg) and then went to The Summit Room for their incredible cocktails (ranked #2 in Charlotte.) After cocktails, they went to Bonterra for dinner, an old church turned classy restaurant, and Meg enjoyed beef tartar and fried lobster tail.

Meg walked into their apartment and was greeted by Wes in a tuxedo. The apartment was decked out in lights, candles, flowers, and 77 different pictures of them throughout the 9 years of dating. Zach grabbed the ring, got down on one knee, and asked Meg if she would marry him, which she answered “Of Course!”


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