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Since Arizona is up in the triple digits again, I thought I would share about my Czech Football Tourney at a Foster Care over Christmas a few years ago. This was probably a good 5 years ago by now, but I still remember this wonderful experience! At this point in time, I was attending bible studies with a group called Compassion International. They are a group of wonderful individuals that meet in different areas around the world, including a majority of the military bases overseas. Well, the leaders of the one I studied with in Germany had linked up with a pastor in Tachov, Czech Republic for a beautiful sermon and get-together over Christmas weekend.

Ironically, the church service ended up being held at a bar due to the massive size of guests attending that weekend. The pub was the only location large enough to fit everyone attending in this small town, which was pretty fantastic! We were able to hear the Czech pastor speak with those of his church, while translating back into English during the same time frame. We then heard the beautiful voices of the children at one of the local foster care homes while they sang Christmas carols.

Shortly after the sermon, we carpooled over to where the foster children lived. We enjoyed a couple of cold but joyous hours playing football in the field to the side of their home before having a secret santa event for all of the kids living there. It was seriously the coolest thing, getting to speak with these well spoken, polite, children and teens. Some of the people didn’t speak english, but who really needs to speak the same language in order to play an exciting game of Czech football?

My dearest friend came out to Germany for a 2 week adventure during Christmas time, so we shared in bringing a gift to a young 7 year old boy. I, of course, thought that a nerf gun set would be the perfect gift for this kid. From the look on his face, I would have said I picked it just right. I was so glad to have had this opportunity before starting my own winter vacation. These kids were one of a kind, and truly were making the best out of a tough situation.

Here are some images that I loved from this experience! Again, all I had was my point and shoot, but I did some editing to my favorites.



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