Dancing Along a Fountain, A Beautiful Engagement | Phoenix Wedding Photographer

There is nothing more wonderful than the day you get engaged. Especially if that location is in Downtown Fayetteville where you had your very first date! A few short days after Brittany Campbell had her Grand Opening at Sunshine Makeup Artistry and Mobile Spray Tanning, her boyfriend of two years (and best friend of many more) popped the awaited question! Not only did he pop the question, but he did it with amazing style…

Shortly after getting off work, Brittany was greeted by the sound of a violinist and sunflowers at the location of her and Andrew’s very first date. If I believed in magic, I would believe this to be one seriously magical evening! You would have thought everything ran smoothly on the other end, but the amount of work Andrew put into this perfect evening was awesome! With canceled appointments, and “fake” scheduled appointments to keep Brittany busy while he finished his preparations, it was obvious how important this day was to Andrew as well. I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to take these two love bird’s engagement photos!

Working with these two during their engagement session totally made my morning. It was hard to miss the love these two share for one another. Their love just gleams from their bodies! Posing was all too easy for these love birds, and they couldn’t be a more good looking couple! I cannot wait for them to have their wedding. I just know that it will be seriously breathtaking!

But onto why you’re here, HELLO PICTURES!!!

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