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Words can’t describe the beauty of this Dancing Apache Lodge wedding reception! Just having the vineyard view with a gorgeous lodge was perfect. Seriously. Add in a fun loving bride and groom, along with their crazy fun guests, and you have the ultimate wedding reception!

As an intimate wedding and elopement photographer, I don’t get the chance to photograph receptions like this. But when I do, man do I love it!

First off, the reception is kind of the least stressful part of the day! Why? Because everyone is drunk. (Kidding. Kind of.)
But really, it’s because all of the hard stuff is done. Portraits are complete, we’ve said I do, and it’s finally time to enjoy ourselves officially!

Second, there’s food! This is where you discover if you can still be friends with the bride and groom you came out to celebrate with! Because truthfully, can you still call them a friend if they have a terrible taste in food? Honestly though, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a wedding reception that didn’t have amazingly delicious food. This Dancing Apache Lodge wedding reception was another, I mean.. Pizza you guys. Pizza.

I could continue on a rant about food, but I think you’ve had enough of my food talk for one day. However, I forgot to add desserts! :O

This wedding reception was a little different than the ones I’ve been to before. Why? Because there wasn’t a cake to be found! Instead of having a wedding cake, Chris and Janeal decided to stick with a “S’more Love” table. Although I do love to see a beautiful cake design, s’mores will always be a win in my book!

Enough about me and my food preferences, let’s see the photos!!




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