Desert Highlands Wedding | Scottsdale Wedding Photographer

I ended up photographing a Desert Highlands Wedding with this beautiful couple, Megan and Tim, on a very short notice. The bridal party was incredibly supportive and generous throughout the entire day! I felt at ease getting to work with these beautiful people for the entire day, and getting to share in their beautiful wedding. It’s a great honor to be a part of someone’s wedding day, and to see that almost all of their guests had flown in for their destination wedding here in Arizona, it was evident that these two are incredibly loved!

I suppose I can start with the dresses! One thing that I absolutely loved about these dresses was how well they went together! Each bridesmaid dress was ever so slightly different, while all maintaining the exact same color palette! I felt like it brought out the personality of each of the bridesmaids! The same can really go for the shoes as well! In addition to these gorgeous dresses, Megan had these adorable “gracias” bags for each of her bridesmaids. How thoughtful is that?! I can’t even begin with how much fun those matching wedding prep floral robes were!

One thing I have to mention about this Desert Highlands wedding is just how gorgeous the wedding prep locations were! Everything was within a 15 minute drive, and man were these locations beautiful! They had wide open rooms, with a lot of opportunity to use natural lighting. If you’re having a photographer during your wedding prep, I highly suggest a beautiful room to get ready in like these!

The groomsmen were absolutely hilarious, and constantly seeing if there was anything needed. It was so great to see how much they valued Megan and Tim. They were so full of joy, and ready to crack open that bottle of Jim Beam that Tim received as a wedding gift!

Getting to share in the reading of the letter exchange with these two was so perfect. I could hear just how much the other meant to them, and it seriously just melted my heart! It was such an intimate moment that I was able to be a part of, alongside the videographer who also helped them to cherish that moment for a lifetime!

As for the ceremony? They weren’t kidding when they said they planned to make it the quickest ceremony ever. I’m pretty sure they beat the record, if there ever was one! I swear we spent like 10-15 minutes up there tops! These two were ready to be man and wife! As for the guests? Man can they all dance! That had to have been one of the most energetic wedding guests I’ve ever witnessed! There were hardly any people sitting around at the tables, the dance floor was packed!! They honestly made me wish I could grab a drink and join in!


I hope you feel like you were there as you’ve read through this blog, and as you scroll through their beautiful wedding day!


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