Downtown Fayetteville Yoga Session | North Carolina Friendor Friday

We had a little Downtown Fayetteville yoga session, and boy was it fun! With some fun Pressed gear, and our muse Candita, and Brittany, we were ready to go! Brittany, with Sunshine Artistry, wanted to setup a purple themed session to match her business, so we did! 😀

Candita is a yoga instructor with Hayat Yoga and World Dance Arts, and she pretty much did all of our simple yoga poses for this shoot! Brittany and Candita are great friends, so I had to capture some sweet candids of the two of them together.

See for yourself just how fun this session was!

Hayat Yoga and World Dance Instructor
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Sunshine Beauty & Bliss 
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“I can’t even” Shirt, “Balanced as F*ck” Towel, and Kate Space water bottle
PRESSED, a creative space
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