Downtown Portland Maine Day Trip | Destination Wedding Photographer

Just about a month ago, I decided to go on a Downtown Portland Maine Day Trip. This probably sounds crazy because I still had to, you know, drive 15 hours from North Carolina. But if you’re someone that knows me, this is actually pretty norm for my trip ideas. One thing I wish I would have done differently was a couples session. I would have loved to capture a photography session even with all of the trees being dead!

Maine, if you didn’t already know, is in my 5 year plan. Becoming a Maine Wedding Photographer is a huge aspiration of mine, while still pursuing destination weddings and elopements! It’s one of those states that’s been on my mind for nearly 10 years now, it’s just a matter of when at this point.

There are so many wedding vendors in Maine that I stalk religiously on Instagram just because I’m so obsessed with the beauty of everything! I know that this location is my calling! Whether it’s the greenery, the hiking opportunities, the rocky coast, or the olden architecture, I’m seriously in love. It’s the one place that combines what I’ve always missed about living in Europe, along with that American feel!

You guys, I seriously lucked out with booking a cute Airbnb in South Portland while I was there too. Especially considering that I planned this trip the day or two before heading out! I mean, seriously you guys… cutest little home ever, with the most beautiful ocean view!

Later next week I’ll start sharing some of the food spots I visited while there, but today is about Downtown Portland, Maine!


Here was the view from the house:

And here is 10-15 minutes down the road, Downtown Portland!!

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