Engagement Session at Desert Botanical Garden | Lexi + Isaiah

Before I jump into Lexi and Isaiah’s engagement session at Desert Botanical Garden, I have to tell you guys about their story as told by Lexi! If you’re anything like me, you’re going to love it!

How We Met:

We met at grad school orientation at Baylor College of Medicine in July 2013.We were playing a human bingo game [where you have to find someone who matches each of the descriptions on your bingo board (e.g. “has read Harry Potter”)] and I thought he was cute so I went up to see if he could fill in my board at all. He couldn’t, but I filled in one of his spaces!

How We Started Dating:

At the beginning of grad school there were a lot of parties and the people in Genetics (with Isaiah) and the people in Neuroscience (with me) were really the only groups that would regularly show up, so that’s how we got to know each other. And we would go rock climbing in big groups a lot as well. At the end of the 1st term of school (in October), we had a weeklong break during which my friend Gillian and I had decided to go on a cruise together. We invited several other people who refused, but Isaiah apparently liked me back at this point and convinced his friend Justin to come on the cruise too. The 4 of us had hung out a lot so it wasn’t awkward. But our ship left from New Orleans and we went a day early so we could hang out there for a night. And Isaiah kissed me that night in New Orleans when we were out drinking/dancing! But since he was pretty newly single after college, we didn’t start officially dating until New Year’s Eve, when he asked me to be his girlfriend on our way to a NYE party.

How He Asked:

He proposed in Belize last August! We hadn’t taken a vacation together in a while, so we planned a 5 day trip to Belize. The last 2 nights we stayed in a cabin in the jungle. On one day, we went out to go zip-lining and cave tubing in a different part of the jungle. Since it was off-season, we were basically the only people zip-lining, and there were only another group or two cave-tubing. But he talked to the zip-lining guide to figure out what the best lookout point was for us to take a picture, and when we were taking the picture he got down on one knee! I was pretty surprised because I had told him that I wanted to pick out my own ring if we got engaged. But he had gotten a returnable ring off of amazon so I would have something until I could pick one (and so that he could surprise me!).

Right about this time was when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, so our flights back home kept getting cancelled and we finally gave in to that inevitability and ended up staying 5 more nights on a different island in Belize- which turned out to be a great time to celebrate our engagement. We just tried not to worry about what was happening in Houston and enjoy our doubly-long vacation! [as a side note, when we were on the first cruise together there was another hurricane or tropical storm or something such that they closed the Mississippi River and we couldn’t get back up to New Orleans, so we got an extra day on the cruise! These things apparently happen to us a lot haha]

Our Favorite Things to do Together:

We like to watch Netflix and cuddle with our dog, Fitz! And I love country dancing (two-stepping) so I taught him to do that and we like to go out and dance occasionally (or just around the house!). We also love to browse through bookstores (especially half price books since books are half price!) and read together.

Could they be any cuter?! I might be biased, but I seriously adore them!

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