Gloomy Skies and a Chance of Rain

There is nothing like photographing an outdoor wedding ceremony with a 60% chance of rain at 6:00pm. Nobody would wish for that kind of luck on their wedding day. Thankfully, as the day progressed, the percentage of rain went down as well. I had my last Kansas wedding about two months ago, as I prepared for my move to Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Yes, the time to move actually arrived! Sometimes it’s better to have overcast skies on your wedding day, so don’t fret if you do! Half of these gorgeous images wouldn’t have been possible if the sun had gleamed down all day.

So, my tip for the day? Don’t stress about the weather if your wedding ceremony is going to be outdoors. When you choose a photographer to shoot your wedding, you are choosing someone that is willing and able to work with the climates. The weather should be the least of your worries on your wedding day. And hey, a little rain never hurt anyone anyway. 😉


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centerpiece-arrangements-roses-flowers-beautifulceremony-first-look-groom-wedding bride-groom-bridal-party-kissing-standing-tilted-back bride-and-groom-trees bride-groom-first-look-portraits-trees-love-wedding bride-groom-first-look-trees-bridge bride-groom-kissing-trees bride-groom-sky-trees-hand-holding smiling-groom-bride-trees-wedding


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