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Where do I even begin with this beautiful elopement, turned intimate wedding ceremony, at Boojum Tree Wedding Venue in Phoenix, Arizona?! I mean seriously. From the moment I sat down with Nick and Paige during their wedding week, I knew they were literally the perfect couple for me! We spoke off and on through email, and I could tell they were such sweet souls, with a precious little girl named Rose. Their original plan was to have a simple elopement prior to heading out to their Dodger’s baseball game on March 26th in Scottsdale, but it eventually turned out to be a little more than just that. Just about two weeks prior to Nick and Paige’s wedding date, I received an email to let me know that they decided to book a few hours at an actual wedding venue. Can you say last minute much?! (Insert some kind of sweating-smiling emoji here.) I couldn’t have been happier with their decision though, last minute or not!

Boojum Tree, in Phoenix, is truly a one of a kind wedding venue. I don’t even think I can count on my fingers the number of times I told N & P how lucky they were to have such a vast array of backgrounds for their wedding portraits and intimate ceremony captures. I think my favorite thing about Boojum Tree is how versatile it is. It’s suited for an intimate small wedding ceremony, while also being big enough for more than just elopement styled weddings. They have this wonderful seating area around the bar, as well as an actual reception area. I would highly recommend this gorgeous venue for so many reasons! I loved walking around and finding something new. They did such an excellent job with making this venue a truly unique place for hosting a wedding.


Now a little backstory on this wonderful husband and wife:

Paige told me, like many couples I’ve spoken with lately, that she met Nick on a dating website. She told me that, “it felt right from the very beginning. It didn’t take long to know we didn’t want to be with anyone else.” Nick and Paige grew their relationship through their love of baseball games, breweries, theater, flea markets, and a year later they had their little miracle baby! When I asked her about the proposal, I felt so touched! They were lying down, talking about their baby girl being due any day now, when Nick said, “I can’t wait any longer.” Thinking he was talking about their little girl being born, she nodded in agreement. Little did she know, he meant marriage. He pulled out a ring and asked her to be his wife, and she of course said yes!! Just four days later she gave birth to their beautiful baby girl!

It’s pretty obvious from the wedding photos you’re about to see, how madly in love this bride and groom (now husband and wife) truly are. It was truly such an honor to have the opportunity to be Nick and Paige’s wedding photographer for their intimate small wedding ceremony here in Phoenix, Arizona. I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to spend my afternoon with, along with their sweet family! Did I mention they all traveled from California for this game and ceremony?! Amazing.



Now for everyone’s favorite part of my blogs, the beautiful pictures!! I can’t tell you how hard it was to narrow down my post to a few of these. I really couldn’t choose a favorite, there were just so many wonderful images from their wedding day!




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Wedding Venue: Boojum Tree
Wedding Dress: Galina
Wedding Dress Sash: Anna Thaxton
Daughter’s Dress: Osh Kosh
Groom’s Tux: Nautica
Florals: Tatum Flowers, Scottsdale
Bride’s Ring: LoveGemArts (Etsy)
Bride’s Engagement Ring: Love Diamonds (Etsy)
Groom’s Ring: PointNoPointStudio (etsy)

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