Kingwood Center Gardens Inspiration Shoot | Mansfield, Ohio

From the day I planned my move to Ohio, I knew that Kingwood Center Gardens would have my heart. This wedding venue was one of the first on my list of spots to visit, and she did not disappoint. Even with the random snow storms that kept trying to come during this inspiration shoot, Kingwood Center Gardens was beautiful, and our vendors were the best!



Speaking of awesome vendors, let me do a quick intro!


First off…. Short and Stout! Why? Because I simply adore Lehne and they will quickly become a favorite of yours as well! Not only does her and her husband own this awesome mobile bar, but they’re just two super down to earth and fun people. If you’re looking for a fun way to spice up your bartending options on your wedding day or event, these could very well be your people!

Next on the list, Gilded Social. I’ve adorn Tanya since we met last Fall for a session at the Columbus Art Museum. Her and her team are just a ton of fun to be around, and they have the best formal dresses all in one spot. If you find yourself in Downtown Columbus, you need to set up an appointment to see them! Brit helped me out throughout this session and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help keep the spirits up through the cold (outside of the obvious spirits that Lehne created 😉 )

Hello Floral! Three Buds Flower Market is next. If you haven’t had a chance to visit them out in German Village, you need to make it happen time now. They also share a space with Red Giraffe Designs, which has the cutest stuff ever! Megan created the bouquet, garland, and extra floral for this shoot, and I absolutely adored everything!

You can’t forget dessert though, and Cakes by Kat Bake Shop made some delicious treats to help us make it through the cold! I met Kat during Tanya’s anniversary celebration for Gilded Social, and she is seriously so talented and just so sweet! (No pun intended.)

The final, and definitely not the last vendor, Kingwood Center Gardens. I worked with Beth Anne, one of the event coordinators for the venue, and she was so easy to speak with and so nice! Not to mention, she had so much to share about the history of this beautiful venue!



Now for more photos, and a little bit about my two couples!




Meet Madi and Zach:

We met last November, our friend Kelly set us up! We were just friends for a little while until the following February when we started to actually get to know each other, and we’ve been dating since that following April! We’re both pretty adventurous so we really like to go hiking and find new parks and trails to go to. We also love trying new foods and restaurants, so we try to pick new places to go to as often as we can!

The photo shoot was so much fun for us!

This was the first time we had done anything like this together, so it was a little awkward at first but everyone there made it so enjoyable! I think our favorite part was just getting to be goofy and laugh and be ourselves with everyone while still trying to take poised looking photos. There are a lot of giggles behind the straight faces!



Meet Kelly and Tyler:

The two of us actually met on a beautiful Thursday night out on the town – it was the only Thursday of the entire year that I had gone out, and I happened to spot him from across the room. I tried to get his attention a few times, and truly thought I was going to miss my opportunity. After about a half hour of planning my approach, he came up from behind me and asked me to dance instead. I was so excited! From that point on, we hit it off instantly, and we have spoken every day since! We really enjoy working out together, trying new foods, and exploring all around Ohio.


It was so exciting to do the shoot because it is a rare occasion for us to get dressed up. The shoot was another opportunity to explore more of Ohio, and get to promote two beautiful companies at the same time. Spending time with my best friend and documenting the moment with these photos was more than I could ask for!


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