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As Sarah and Andrew enjoy their sweet honeymoon, I had to take the opportunity to finally share their lake engagement session we did the other month! We got together at Umstead Lake in Raleigh to set up this gorgeous little setup to make an extra special, elopement feel, engagement session of these two love birds.

I have to share a little back story as told by Sarah though:

Andrew and I met at the YMCA playing volleyball and after a YEAR of playing and hanging out he finally (nervously) asked me on our first date. I said yes and we went on our date – he thought it went great, I thought it was a disaster.

The next week at the gym he asked me out again, I wanted to give it another try and said yes again and this time it was better…. UNTIL he tried to kiss me at the end of our second date. I backed up and told him, “You have to earn that.’ We were both mortified and I knew at that moment he would never talk to me again.

A few weeks went by and I thought he was gone forever, but then he called me and asked me out AGAIN! I thought to myself, ‘this guy is a real man’ and he won major points in my book. So we went out again, and again, and again, and then I finally let him kiss me. And then I dumped him because I had commitment issues. And I knew it, that was the end.

2 months later he calls me and says that he didn’t care if I was gone or not, but he wanted me and if I still wanted him I could call him. I did. That was 2 years ago and we’ve been together since. He’s my lobster. (also, his version of this story is very different – ha!)

Andrew shared a very hilarious, “guy version” of his story in a super joking manner, and I’m pretty sure the two of us busted out laughing about his sarcasm.

I knew right then and there that they were about to have many amazing, and hilarious, years together!

During our session, Andrew and Sarah were amazing. I feel like it was so easy to work with them because their love for one another just naturally rolled off of them. The looks Andrew would give Sarah, the way Sarah would admire Andrew, you could just feel it! Everything we did just flowed so perfectly as we worked through their engagement session, and I loved seeing how silly they could be together!

Now they’re enjoying an amazing, and well deserved, honey moon! I can’t wait to see their AMAZING wedding day portraits from their wedding photographer!

Just look at how cute and stylish these two are!!!


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