Snowy Days

Okay, seriously… How on earth do some people have time to create these wonderful and quirky blog posts every couple of days or even every week?! I am honestly lucky to get a post in once a month. This is a serious problem that probably requires a just as serious amount of coffee.

Well, it is time for this lady to seriously buckle down! I have adjusted my specialty and prices, along with adding print/canvas pricing onto my website. I also ordered my new business cards [super excited, FYI.] There is so much going on in these next few weeks before my family and I head to the Ft. Bragg region. I’ve already made a list of some vendors/venues to link up with once we arrive. I am still working on getting a mini wedding brochure created so I can leave it with select beauty salons and the other you-name-its.  I have a really good feeling about all of this!

It has been such a busy past few months. I’ve had to seriously put into thought what I want to do with my life. Originally it was going to be slowly working towards a nursing degree [maybe someday I will be able to get back to it,] but now it is looking like a degree in business. I love Arizona State University, so I decided to look into their courses.

We’re going to be getting a puppy soon too! Hopefully I’m not just getting my hands full, I feel like switching from a full time job/student/mother to full time [online] student/mother will be a little more manageable. I have also decided against getting into studio photography. I want my main focus to be on couples, weddings, and lifestyle photography. With lifestyle photography, I plan to work with families outdoors as well as in their homes.

There is a lot of change going on in my life, but a lot of good change. I’m looking forward to promoting my business as a wedding photographer when we move to Ft Bragg, North Carolina. I will be looking to photograph weddings in the Raleigh area as well as Wilmington and Fayetteville. I just hope I’m there in time to book some beautiful fall weddings!! 😀

Enough rants for me! Here’s a few random pictures from this past week!


snow storm snowy trees

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