Lush Greenery Anniversary Session | Raleigh Portrait Photographer

Pragya asked about having a lush greenery anniversary session to celebrate her and her husband’s 2nd anniversary, and I had the perfect location in mind! We were chatting via email for about a month because her and her husband were out of country, and I’m so glad to say that we made her visions for this session a reality! Having some type of lush greenery with a rustic yet pristine building in the background was one of Pragya’s biggest requests, and I think I picked just the right location for them.

As I was speaking with Pragya about her vision, she mentioned a few particular images that she had in mind. A photo Pragya really wanted captured with her husband Sachin was one of them reading books. Seeing as they both loved to read, this sounded like the perfect idea! Another vision for this session was for Pragya and Sachin to be wearing the typical American wedding attire. I thought this was such a fun idea to help them create. One final request given to me was to capture a proposal with the two of them.

During their session, I found out that they had never had an actual proposal. I later discovered that they had an arranged marriage. She told me that they had met at a relative’s place for the first time, and that the meeting had been arranged by their parents. Pragya mentioned that they didn’t talk for long, but had a positive vibe from one another and decided to give it a chance. Ten months of dating later they were married in India!

My favorite quote given to me about her husband was this:
“If I am spice, he is the aroma of our delicious life. I love the way he cares about me and my smallest needs. I love to travel and he is an indoor person but now he is changing himself for my sake. He thinks I bring energy and vigor in his life.”

Enjoy their beautiful images!!


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