Luxury Leather Wedding Album | Phoenix Wedding Photographer

Getting mail is always fun, but when your luxury leather wedding album comes in the mail earlier than you expected, you get a little more than happy! Words seriously cannot describe how giddy I was to see this huge box by my door the other week, when all I was expecting that day was a college book. My lab packages these albums so carefully, and inside the shipping box, they have a beautiful white box holding my timeless leather wedding album. This is my very first luxury leather wedding album to have as one of my wedding samples, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic to be ordering more from them in the weeks and months to come!

Just from the looks and feel of this album, and the details my print lab adds to the storage box, I can tell this album is meant to withstand a lifetime! I cannot wait to have more of my wedding clients receiving this beautiful wedding album in the future. A few months ago, I ordered their collection of swatches, and I knew it was going to be nearly impossible to pick just one. I’m so glad I went with the vino, because I feel like it matches this elopement so perfectly!

So for those of you that aren’t quite sure if you should be ordered a wedding album from your photographers, I’m here to show you that it’s definitely worth the investment! With the time to design your one of a kind album, the details, and the quality, it’s totally worth saving for! I think the images will speak for themselves.




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