Meet The Cookie Gents | Fayetteville Wedding Photographer

First impressions are key, and when two well rounded young gentlemen walked into the local Marquis Market in Downtown Fayetteville, NC last week, I was beyond impressed! Walking through the doors dressed in button down shirts, vests, slacks, and a box of their samples in hand, I was exuberant to finally have an opportunity to meet The Cookie Gents’.

For those that don’t know, The Cookie Gents’ is a company that was created around October-November of last year by two brothers, Christian and Chandler Mosley. Christian is a fifteen year old soon-to-be junior in high school. His current goal is to become a financial counselor so he can assist others, like himself, follow their dreams of starting a business. Chandler is a soon-to-be freshman that loves to bake. He is the “guy to go to” when it comes to desserts, and upon tasting samples of their amazing creations, it isn’t hard to believe! You can taste every delicious ingredient they put into their recipes. Simply amazing.

When I asked Chandler about their reasoning for the name, logo, and marketing in general, his response took me by surprise. He has “always liked old things, like Charles Dickens… and other classics,” so their goal while designing their branding was to create something that was modern, or classic, and something that would be timeless, “like a top hat.” The black and white color scheme went right along with their branding goals.

wonderfuls packaging

In just under a year of being open, The Cookie Gents’ have already grown more than they initially believed. “We were hoping to get to this point, but we were just happy to be doing it.” There are weeks where they’ll have one or two orders, and other times they’ll be baking for a wedding order of over 300 cookies! Talk about a busy week!

What started out as just a way to earn money without having to ask mom and dad, turned into a blossoming business. I can’t help but be amazed at the wonderful achievements these two young gentlemen have accomplished, and I have great aspiration for their futures. Keep it up boys!



If you would like to check out their website, visit:

cookies and truffles treats in a bag