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After three days of photos, it was time for a little break! I continue the Tennessee Weekend, with the afternoon we had a Memphis Zoo Engagement. After visiting Land Between the Lakes, Opryland Hotel, and Centennial Park, with a few more places to check off our list, we were ready for a little break from super dressed up attire! We actually came across this killer wardrobe that you’re about to see at Walmart, probably wouldn’t have guessed right? When we came across the Batman hat, Mandy thought it would be perfect with her pink flowery hat she already owned, and we just ran with it! Since we were already planning to stop by the Memphis Zoo for a break, why not make it silly?!

What we really wanted was some of those HUGE circle lollipop things to make the photos super cheesy and silly, like two kids visiting the zoo, but they didn’t sell them. We then thought that cotton candy would work, but they didn’t sell those on a stick, so we were like, Crap… now what?! Well, we stuck with what we could find, and unfortunately they ended up tasting absolutely disgusting! At least they made for some pretty ring shots…

I have to be honest, often times it is impossible to take someone seriously when they have a batman outfit on, but I really think these two made it work! What do you think?!

Check out more of their session in the links below the images!


We still have:

Peabody Hotel

Opryland Hotel

Centennial Park

Memphis Zoo **

Sunset Park

Land Between the Lakes

Arboretum in Murray

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