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Before I share with you this beautifully sentimental Murray State Arboretum engagement session, can I just say how crazy these few weeks have been?! Considering the fact that I’ve flown across the country four time, two of those times being with a toddler, it’s been one crazy month! Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, but man does it feel good to be back in one spot for a little while. Recovery is always important. From Phoenix to Nashville and back, then Phoenix to Raleigh and back, this lady is pretty beat. Thankfully, I have beautiful images to share with you wonderful people because of it!

Today’s focus is on this wonderful Murray State Arboretum Engagement Session! Do you remember the other week when I mentioned I had a couple part series of an engagement weekend to share with you all? Well, if you forgot, I’ll have the list below! Murray State Arboretum, why is this such a sentimental location? Well, like just about every location Mandy, Ethan, and I traveled to the other week, this one holds a very sentimental value to these two star crossed lovers! Okay, star crossed lovers might be cheesy, but either way. The Murray State Arboretum is the very place that Ethan was finally able to propose to his dearest Mandy! And, when I say finally, I do mean finally… after hearing from Mandy about all of the times Ethan had intended to propose, but all failed miserably, it made this location that much more memorable. From a lost ring, to a locked door, to you name it, none of the previous locations were meant to be. The Murray State Arboretum however, was the proposal destination!

I am seriously so stoked to share with you this beautiful Murray State Arboretum engagement session!

We still have:

Peabody Hotel

Opryland Hotel

Centennial Park

Memphis Zoo

Sunset Park

Land Between the Lakes

Arboretum in Murray **

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