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I hate that I am so bad at blogging! I have made it my goal to schedule at least one day a week towards writing a blog post! Unfortunately, there isn’t always a ton of excitement going on! I’m still working on part time schooling, along with my current job. If you add a baby into that mix, you can see where all the day’s time goes!

My schedule is pretty much as follows:

Monday – Friday:

6:50 – Take Kiddo to Daycare

8:00 – Start Day Job

5:20 – Workout at the Gym

7:00 – Take on Mommy Duty / Study

9:00 – Little Man Falls Asleep (approx). Time For Cleaning and Showers

3-4:00 – Kiddo Wakes Up For Early Meal


Mommy Duty

Finish Assignments Due Today

Hopefully Some Free Time for Photography




Some Free Time to Work on Photography

As you can see, I’m pretty packed full! I’m working on getting a daily agenda put together so I have a lot better time management though.. I use my lunch breaks and “pumping” times to study what I can, so that’s pretty helpful at least!

The good news, at least by this summer I will be a full time student and photographer. Hopefully that will make my days a little bit easier! Along with of course being mommy. 🙂

Any way, I will at the very least do a weekly blog and throw up some snaps of our munchin! It’ll be my motivation to make sure I’m getting weekly pictures of him. I’m planning in getting a book done at his six months or a year! It’s amazing how much he h as changed just in the past three months!

I also need to document my travels before I start forgetting all of them! I still can’t believe it’s been a little over three years since I first started traveling! I’d love to be stationed back in Germany again, so many wonderful adventures! Maybe I can aim for a Throwback Thursday type blog for that one! I’ll get something figured out…

5 Months ’til North Carolina Bound!


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