Natural Light Boudoir | Fayetteville Portrait Photographer

Full Disclosure: All boudoir photos are approved by the client before being used on any social media platform!

Natural Light Boudoir is my jam!! Creating a playful boudoir feel for my clients is my favorite thing to do, it brings this “VS – Pink” vibe to our session! It brings this reminder into a session that you don’t have to be half naked to be sexy! Not every client feels comfortable being dressed in lingerie, and I want to show that you don’t need to be dressed this way to show off the beautiful, strong, woman that you are!

I worked with Trish, this gorgeous mother of two, and man did she just own that camera! She brought such a perfect sass to our boudoir session, and the perfect room to have one. We did this setup in her bedroom, and I have to say, I was beyond stoked to see how much natural light was brought into the room! While I work with lighting for boudoir as well, there’s something so great about achieving that natural light boudoir!

I hope you enjoy!


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