For the New England Foodie: Bird Dog Roadhouse in Cape Elizabeth

If you’re on a search for a great selection of brews on tap, or just looking for an incredibly aesthetically pleasing roadhouse, Bird Dog Roadhouse in Cape Elizabeth, Maine is the place you need to visit! They have great food. The drinks are delicious. Oh, and the staff is super kind! I couldn’t have asked for a better place to stop before visiting Cape Elizabeth.

This foodie stop was during my spontaneous road trip through Maine. Honestly, it shouldn’t even be called spontaneous at this point. It’s sort of second nature for me to head off to some new place on the reg. If I’m being totally honest, I’m actually pretty certain my friends have grown accustomed to my random adventures at this point! A few friends have even joked that I need to just buy a camper for all of my trips.

Anyway, before I ramble on about travel, the places I’ve loved, and all things completely unrelated… let’s talk about food photography! Maybe it’s because I’m a total foodie, and a sucker for a tasty drink. But, I love getting to capture the essence of a local food joint. Each place tends to have their own personality, and I love it! For Bird Dog, it was the clean wood feel. It was the blues, and the random mason jars of wild flowers on the tables. It was totally the little things, like the fact that the tables were made in Maine. I love seeing local businesses supporting one another!

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