New Phone, New Phone!

c4e338268b68f7c2-tumblr_inline_n8b08rXuYm1qcotumI have to say, I was pretty stoked the other day! I’ve been dealing with my old, pretty much destroyed, cell phone for a little while now. I had been contemplating sucking it up and just paying to get myself something new when….. VERIZON notified me of a partial upgrade! Sa-weeeet! I checked out the website to see that the 16GB iPhone 5Cs were on sale for $99. For whatever reason, I decided to stop by the shop instead. And,ooooohhh boy, I was so glad I did! Turned out that the 5C 32GB was for free! Yes, you read that right.. f-r-e-e! I couldn’t believe it at all.Blessing. For sure.

Anyway, that was my excitement of the day! But since I am quite accident prone, I decided to spend the $100 for their nüüd lifeproof case. I am sure it’ll end up being a great investment!

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