New Year’s Engagement | Raleigh Wedding Photographer

Are you one of my readers that had a New Year’s Engagement?! If you did, and you live in North Carolina, you’re in for a treat! Yes, you read that sentence right… Surprise!

I’ll be moving back to North Carolina this February!

I’m already booking for the 2017 months, and I would love for you to become a part of the ATH Bride Tribe!


Onto more personal things for 2017:

* I officially start classes with GCU’s Marketing Degree this month

* I’ll be launching my creatives branding business by the summer

* I have 2 beautiful weddings out of state for the first time

* I have a recovering marriage

* I will be continuing my focus on putting God into my business life

* I will be putting a stronger focus on meditating on God’s word and truly hearing Him


Now what about 2016?


Over the year of 2016:

* I had extreme growth in my business skill set

* I grew in my character

* I sought God far more often, and worried less

* I started rebuilding my marriage

* I celebrated my little man’s 2nd birthday



What have you done in 2016? What are you plans for this new year that’s been given to us?



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