New Year’s Eve 2016 | Raleigh Wedding Photographer

It’s already New Year’s Eve, the time to ring in the New Year of 2017! Can you believe how fast time has flown?! I sure can’t!

I feel like there has been so much growth in my life, along with my business over this year. I’ve grown in my skill set, I’ve grown in my business focus, and I’ve grown in my customer service! My biggest focus with this business was to stand out, and I know as I bring more things to the surface, I’ll be able to show it!

I’ve been able to see my handsome little guy turn 2 years old. I’ve experienced moving in with friends. I’ve experienced buying a “new” car. There is so much that has happened this year, and I have this feeling that 2017 is going to have some even greater experiences for me to enjoy!

I’ve been out of town for the holidays, so I thought I would combine some of the Christmas goodies with our New Year’s Eve celebration! The cookies and treats were made by my amazing mother, and is a part of our yearly Christmas goodie bag. I don’t know what I would do without them!

What did you do for Christmas? What about New Year’s Eve?

I, for one, will be relaxing at home planning my future endeavors that will be shared with you all shortly!


Happy New Year everyone!! Here’s to another beautiful year!



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