No Bank Robbers at Skyview on Hay | Fayetteville Wedding Photographer

grand entrance skyviewYou will be pleased to know that there will be no chance of bank robberies occurring during your time at Skyview on Hay! Walking into this wedding venue, you’ll notice the open space, high ceiling, along with the multiple options for seating at your disposal. The folks at Skyview did an excellent job at making this venue a very versatile scene, which makes it easily usable for just about any styled event.

I had the opportunity to meet up with Krista, the event coordinator and manager over at Skyview on Hay! With three years under her belt, Krista has had quite the experience with event planning. She went to school for interior design, and decided to focus on event design. While interning, Krista just so happened to work with The Rainbow Room, the smaller sister to Skyview, which holds around 60 guests. This wedding venue (or event venue) can hold an average of 150 guests, up to 200. There are also multiple room options to choose from, as well as booking the whole building. The options are almost endless.

wedding prep bank vaultWhat amazed me the most during my visit was the fact that this place used to be a bank! You don’t really notice it until you see one of the prep rooms, or the upstairs kitchen. Yes, the bank vault where tons of money used to sit is now a kitchen… My mind was seriously blown! Another area that I really enjoyed was the garden room. It’s this beautiful, yet simplistic, path that guides you through two different rooms on the lower level. I absolutely loved it.

Next February, Skyview on Hay will be turning four years old! With an Ala Carte customizable package to decide on, it’s hard not to love this location. Take a look for yourself!


garden view path

casual dining at skyview

mezzanine skyview

skyview mezzanine seating

skyview on hay entrance


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