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They say any picture is better than no picture at all, but my waterproof disposable camera just might disagree from my Area 47 trip in Tirol, Austria. If I were to truly describe this beautiful park, I would probably begin to sound like an infomercial.

Come visit Area 47! We have canyoning, white water river rafting, dirt biking, hiking, whatever you want to do is here in the small town of Tirol, Austria! Did we mention we have beer?! Ahhh, yes. Grand Austrian beer. What more do you need during your Outdoor Adventure?

Okay, but seriously.. that about sums it up in as few words as I can really mingle. My focus for today’s post is on my canyoning and white water river rafting portion of the trip, solely because those were the first images I came across. I guess I should start off with the fact that I am deathly afraid of heights, but I am also a hypocrite. I’m the girl that is scared to death to be looking over the side of the second story in the mall, or looking through one of those skyscraper building windows. The hypocrite side of me?! I’m an adrenaline junky that happens to enjoy all those scary height type adventures. You can go ahead and just call me crazy now, I won’t take it personally.

Want to know how they loosened us up for the canyoning portion of our adventure? Well, I’ll tell ya!

Stand on the end of this bridge, climb to the other side, get into repelling position, let go.” 

No big deal right?! I didn’t think so either… not. We were of course secured with all of the high tech canyoning/repelling equipment prior to this event. I promise they were certified professionals! Regardless, it was a pretty nerve racking way to start our adventure. The rest wasn’t as bad, but it definitely tested the limits of my fright of heights. I thankfully made it all the way through, in addition to my little crew, and couldn’t have had a better team to experience this with!



Now for the rafting portion! 

I have never been the strongest of swimmers, but thankfully Area 47 goes ahead and tests you for it with your life vest towards the beginning of the journey… we did some mock drills where we had to fall out of the raft and some how manage to get back on! We had this super awesome Austrian guide, and had random competitions with the other rafting crews tagging along in the adventure. Our guide was quite hilarious. I don’t completely remember what he said with his accent, but I know he was cracking jokes off and on when I could actually hear the words he was saying. This was definitely a huge team building adventure as well. It really does take a lot of coordination to keep a raft going in the right direction! Who would have thought?


I honestly wish my little disposable camera could have captured better images of this beautiful location in Tirol, Austria, but at least I have something to remember. Just taking a glimpse at these images about 3 years later, I was able to have some great memories resurface.

Alas, here are some of the “waterproof” kodak disposable camera images from two portions of our trip! When “looks like film” goes bad, like really bad… at least they’re something though, right?

Questions for my readers to share in the comments:

What trip (or event) have you had where you wished you had a better camera for your memories? Were you able to salvage the images at least?

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