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We have reached Wedding Wednesday, and it’s about time to talk about Nothing Bundt Wedding Cakes! Alright, so maybe I’m just on a bit of a time crunch. As I write this, I have about 20 minutes until the clock strikes Midnight, and I can no longer claim by “wedding wednesday” blog post for the week. I’ve decided that if I force myself to write these posts when I say I’m going to, like I would if my grade depended on it, maybe I’ll actually get the job done! Well… typical me decided that I should wait until the final hour to begin this. Why doesn’t this surprise me? On the bright side, we are going to talk about something I love with a passion…. Peanut Butter!!!

Let me just tell you, the day I get to write a post strictly about the delicious treat called peanut butter, I know it’s a good day! Oh wait, that’s today apparently! Well, I guess we should just begin right? I’ve been on this Peanut Butter Cake fix for a good month now. I’m normally pretty great at maintaining treat cravings, but there is just something about a peanut butter cake that nearly kills my inner sweet tooth. So, one month later, I finally found myself some peanut butter goodness! It was in the form of a Bundt Cake Mini from the Ahwatukee Foothills Shopping Towne Center, and guess what?! I lucked out and found Nothing Bundt Cake’s flavor of the month. The Cake Gods were ever in my favor!!

To tie this into a wedding related post, because I am seriously digressing from anything wedding related… Weddings have cake! Woo! I’ve never been to a wedding cake taste test event, but I can imagine that my favorite would be peanut butter.

Side Note, I can’t believe I just typed up 300 plus words solely about peanut butter and my blogging procrastination! I also managed to complete the blog post in 10 minutes time, and before midnight. Yay me?!

Here are pretty pictures from my first Nothing Bundt Cakes adventure:

Questions for my readers to share in the comments:
What is your favorite wedding cake flavor? What cake flavor did you have at your wedding? Was it everything you could have dreamed of?

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