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This weekend has seriously been a whirlwind of fun and exhaustion! We spent yesterday doing a Peabody Hotel Engagement session, and man was it beautiful! Not only did they allow people to visit the gorgeous rooftop, but the room where Mandy’s parents held their wedding reception was unlocked! We just couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to capture some sentimental photos of Mandy and her fiance dancing on the wooden dance floor, like her parents had done many years before on their wedding day.

As this weekend has gone by, we have literally been chasing after great weather! Our agenda has pretty much been set the day of, and sometimes rearranged part way through. I would say we have done a pretty excellent job at working with what we’ve had available, and I seriously thank God for working with us through these past few days. You wouldn’t believe it with the rooftop images I’ve shared in this blog post, but we’ve dealt with rain and gloomy skies all weekend! I’m so happy with how everything has been going this weekend, even if it has meant a lot of driving around and rearranging our schedule.

The Peabody Hotel Engagement was probably one of my favorite sessions we did this weekend, solely because of the back story. First, the part about Mandy’s parents having their wedding reception here, and second, the fact that the rooftop was one of the locations Ethan was originally going to propose! I won’t even add how beautiful this hotel was to begin with! I had to capture a few images of the actual building itself, because even the hallways were extravagant.

You’ll have to stay tuned for this engagement series because the peabody hotel engagement was only the first of many blogs to be shared from this weekend!


But for now, it is time for some pictures!! <3

We still have:

Peabody Hotel **

Opryland Hotel

Centennial Park

Memphis Zoo

Sunset Park

Land Between the Lakes

Arboretum in Murray

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