Piestewa Peak Wedding Portrait Session | Phoenix Wedding Photographer

Do you remember a little while ago when I had mentioned about the Piestewa Peak wedding portrait session I had a chance to attend? Well, this is part two! I am so glad that Katrina, with The Amburgey’s, had asked for an assistant to tag along, because these two couples were just absolutely fabulous to work with!! If you didn’t see the other portrait session, check it out here!

I forced myself to solely use my 50mm for this session, and I have to say (as I’ve said in almost every other post,) I need to invest in more prime lenses! I just love the variety of angles I’m forced to find with a prime lens, solely because you can’t just zoom in closer, you actually have to MOVE! I think it’s so important for us as photographers too.. sometimes we can get stuck in our routine and totally miss out on a killer angle because of the fact that we’re using a zoom lens. I obviously still love my zoom lenses, but I certainly know what I want to invest in next!

But onto why you’re truly here… most of you don’t really care about what lenses I’m using, or what lenses I’m looking for right?! What you’re really interested in are the photos from this gorgeous Piestewa Peak wedding portrait session. Am I right? I’m sure that I am! I just love wedding portraits! 😀



Bouquet: Bloom & BluePrint Event Company


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