Plugged or Unplugged Wedding | Intimate Wedding Day Inception

Should you have a plugged or unplugged wedding day? Are you finding yourself more curious about this latest trend? Let’s dive more into this unplugged idea!

Before I get all negative, I will say that there are some reasons why I really don’t mind phones or cameras being around to a limit… and this is why!

Not everyone uses social media

unplugged wedding wilmington intimate wedding social life

Grandma or Grandpa might have just figured out how to take photos on their camera

unplugged wedding wilmington intimate wedding old grandma silly

Your family is proud and excited about your newest life chapter

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While I’m not against an unplugged wedding, there is certainly a difference between guests taking the occasional photo or short clip sitting in their seats, and “Uncle Bob” getting up and trying to outdo me in every photo, or stand behind me capturing everything I am clearly capturing already. Uncle Bob is not a professional photographer. Even if he has the same gear as me, he lacks the experience.

How do I know I have far more experience than Uncle Bob? Because if he had the experience that I do, he would know better than to get out of his seat… or stand behind me all creeper status like:

unplugged wedding wilmington intimate wedding creepy person

Just saying. 😉

I’d like to go back and reiterate something, the occasional photo or short clip part. Here’s the thing, you hired me for a reason right? You know I will capture your wedding day, and I’ll capture the beautiful moments of your ceremony.

What I can’t do is photoshop the phones out of each of your guests’ faces… so there’s problem number one.

I love capturing photos of your guests enjoying your wedding day. I love the tears, the smiles, the laughs. But, seeing a device in front of every face just isn’t pleasing on anyone!

So let’s look at reasons why you should have an unplugged wedding:

You’ll be able to see every beautiful face that came to your ceremony

You won’t see cameras in nearly every photo I take

unplugged wedding wilmington intimate wedding group selfie

You won’t have to sort through the 100s of blurry, terribly filtered photos that everyone tagged you in after your wedding ceremony

unplugged wedding wilmington intimate wedding paparazzi

Let’s be honest here, do you really want to have 50 different people sharing almost the exact same images on your newsfeed the night or morning after your wedding day? Or, do you want to see just the photos your friends and family members grabbed with you during reception and breaks? I’m thinking the latter.

unplugged wedding wilmington intimate wedding same thing

A few days after your wedding, while you’re in the honeymoon excitement, you’ll be given the highlights of your wedding day by your photographer, and you know it will be the best thing you’ve seen all day! Then, just a few weeks later you’ll be receiving your heirloom box with all of your beautifully edited photos just like you had envisioned!

unplugged wedding wilmington intimate wedding farewell honeymoon time

While I’m not going to tell you to have an unplugged wedding, because um… it’s YOUR wedding… I will say to remind your guests of the great word commonly referred to as moderation.
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Happy wedding planning my love!!

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