Rainy Sedona Wedding at Poco Diablo Resort | S + M

Rain on a wedding day is good luck right? Because Steph and Matt had a rainy Sedona wedding at Poco Diablo Resort! People usually book an Arizona destination wedding because we’re known for the perfect weather. Well contrary to popular belief, we sometimes get rain here. Who knew right?! While it’s almost unheard of, it totally still happens.

Steph and Matt’s wedding was a perfect example! Their families all flew out from New England and California to celebrate this beautiful wedding day in hopes of amazing weather. It naturally decided to rain. Even though we adjusted the ceremony start time, and portraits had to be cut short, I’d say we all rocked it! Everyone looked amazing, and the clouds decided to stay clear for the whole wedding ceremony. Seriously. It was amazing!


How they met:

She chose Matt(e).

“Steph walked into a bar one Sunday afternoon, the Union Oyster House to be exact. Shortly after grabbing a seat, a cute guy walked in. He sat right next to her, even with there being a ton of open seats around the tap. This cute guy just happened to be Matt, who politely interrupted Steph’s conversation to ask for her input on a very important debate he and his friend have been having – precisely which shade of black motorcycle Matt should purchase. Gloss or matte black? Steph chose “matte” (for the record, Matt chose “gloss”).

The two gentleman conveniently had supporting photos of different color options pulled up on their cell phones – one on Matt’s and one on his friend’s. If Steph had not been so taken by Matt, she may have realized the obvious signs that this was not the first time these two had asked for someone’s input on this “very important debate.” However, the gentlemen’s plan worked flawlessly and the groups spent the rest of the afternoon bar hopping down Union Street with sparks flying between Matt and Steph.”




How he asked:

“He proposed to me when we were on a trip to the SF Bay Area. Matt was showing me his old stomping grounds and he ended the trip by proposing to me on the Skyline Blvd which is a scenic road that has vistas overlooking the bay. It was all lit up at night and beautiful – and cold haha. He took a photo of me then pointed at the city lights for me to look. When I turned back around he was down on one knee. It was beautiful. We were both shivering and smiling and hugging lots afterward – stupidly not getting back in the warm car.”




Matt’s Favorite Detail:
The girls carrying umbrellas into the ceremony was really cute.

Steph’s Favorite Part:
Finally seeing Matt and getting to marry him!




Steph’s Favorite Detail:
The rainbow Matt & I saw after we got married during our walk alone up to the reception.

Matt’s Favorite Part:
Walking onto the patio together into the cocktail hour as husband and wife.



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