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This San Tan Mountain Redeployment portraits session holds dear to my heart, being a veteran myself, and it being Veteran’s Day weekend, I felt so at home! Jonnie, an airman married to the beautiful Tatum, came back from deployment just a few short months ago. Seeing as Tatum won a hair and makeup giveaway from Arizona Bridal Stylist at Park Avenue Salon, it was only fitting that she schedule a portrait session after his redeployment! Tatum bought this gorgeous black laced dress, and Jonnie wore his ABUs, and let me tell you… they looked amazing!!

Jonnie and Tatum were so stinking cute together! Whether it was their contagious laughter, or their sweet looks towards one another, I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to be around for the end of Veteran’s Day weekend. When I asked Tatum to give me a little backstory about these two, it made all too much sense as to why they were the way they were during their session! Their liveliness, joy, and laughter was so constant that I really felt like we had known each other for longer than that day!

Let me share with you all what Tatum sent me:

“Never did I image that I’d meet my future husband at the age of 12, but I did, and life has been nothing short of amazing. We met in middle school where apparently he called dibs on me. Wasn’t that easy though he had to win me over first! Jonnie asked me to the 8th grade dance by bringing me flower and balloons. I went with him, and on that night I realized my first impression of him being your typical good looking jock was so wrong, and what a funny guy he really was. His sense of humor still cracks me up and it’s been ten years!

Jonnie and I got married, and he joined the Air Force straight out of high school. In the 5 years we have been married, we have lived in Texas, Germany, and Arizona!

Marriage in itself is a roller coaster, add the military and it’s got even more twists. Through the deployments, constant moving, the birth of our two children, and just all the stresses of regular life together, we have been on quite the adventure. But the man I picked as my passenger has made the ride worthwhile!”

Now if that isn’t a love story, I don’t know what is! But enough of the talk, let me show you how precious these two are!




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