Sheraton Crescent Traditional Indian Wedding | Scottsdale Wedding Photographer

Even though it’s been busy season, I wanted to share this beautiful Sheraton Crescent Traditional Indian wedding! This was my very first Indian wedding, and man was it beautiful! I’m a sucker for details, and there was seriously so many details in this place…

From the gorgeous traditional garments, to the ceremony, I was just in awe! This entire experience was wonderful, and I’m so glad I was able to be a second shooter with Step on Me Photography on this beautiful wedding day! I was in charge of photographing the groom for most of the afternoon, since the bride was getting ready during his celebrations, and does the groom get to have a lot of fun pre-ceremony or what?! From riding in a beautiful sport BMW, to everyone dancing to great music, I’d say the groom and his family had an amazing pre-wedding celebration!


I would like to share a little highlight of the early afternoon before their ceremony, and I can’t wait to share more soon!!


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