SoHo 63 in Downtown Chandler | Phoenix Wedding Venue

As I finish my coffee, and prep for my math final, I wanted to piece together some images from my visit to a wedding venue, SoHo 63 in Downtown Chandler. SoHo 63 is such a wonderful, intimate, wedding venue. Their candle lighting and accented clear beads throughout the venue create such a beautiful, modern, look to the place. I couldn’t help but  admire the whole location. They did such a wonderful job tying together their entire look for this wedding venue. From the dark brown leather couches in the lounge area, to the metallic silvers at the ceremony and reception, this venue can fit pretty much any theme!

The thing I love about this venue is that it was meant for smaller weddings. They focus on creating an intimate environment for 25 to 200 guests, which is the perfect amount for a small gathering or a big family celebration. Another great thing about SoHo 63 in Downtown Chandler, is the fact that you have no idea how beautiful it is from the outside! You wouldn’t guess how much beauty is hidden inside this gorgeous wedding venue unless you take a tour around the premises! I was seriously in awe of how much was inside this building. Not to mention, the fact that there are numerous food joints just across the street on the other side of Downtown Chandler!

If SoHo 63 is this gorgeous without any decor, image how beautiful your wedding ceremony will be with the decorations you’ve picked out for your special day!


Be sure to visit their website for more details!


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