The Club at Corazon Wedding Venue Tour | Dublin, Ohio

Driving to the The Club at Corazon for a wedding venue tour had be head over heels for Dublin. I mean seriously… the cutest suburbs ever! That was until I made it to this beautiful location. The Club at Corazon is a Columbus wedding venue that I’ve been eyeing for months. I loved the Tuscany vibe to all of the photos I had seen throughout social media, and seeing it in person was even better! Oya was a wonderful tour guide and so easy to get in touch with. If you haven’t added this venue to your wedding list, I highly recommend doing so!

I seriously can’t wait to capture beautiful weddings here! Between the versatility for indoor and outdoor settings, the fireplaces, and the gorgeous ballroom, there’s so much to love about this Columbus wedding venue. They’re able to seat 250 guests in the ballroom, and it’s actually separated from the dance floor. I love this because it makes it so much easier for guests to have quieter conversations while others are out dancing! The dining area near the bar is what becomes a wood dance floor for your wedding reception! I won’t even begin with the scenery surrounding this place… have a look for yourself!


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