The Farm at 95 Wedding | Lauren + Trevor

Lauren and Trevor got married the other weekend at The Farm at 95, in North Carolina, and you guys… their family seriously knew how to get down at a wedding day celebration!

This was my very first interfaith wedding ceremony, so getting to have Lauren’s mom Elise there helping me with the important details of the Jewish side of the day during wedding prep was seriously amazing. I am a sucker for traditions, so when I get the chance to capture significant traditions in a family, my heart pretty much melts instantly. I loved getting to hear from Elise about the different handkerchiefs handed down through the generations, as well as the garters. Susan, Trevor’s mom, even gave Lauren a new handkerchief to pass down as well! Lauren kept it in her dress pocket throughout the wedding. Elise also mentioned about the reuse of her veil from her own wedding day, and even the gold band and earrings. Every piece of this wedding had such beautiful meaning to it! I loved getting to learn more about Jewish wedding traditions as well!!



Not to mention, the bridesmaids had the cutest robes!!



Right before me arriving to the hotel, Trevor’s dad, Skip, passed down a ring that had been the last possession of Trevor’s grandfather. His grandfather had passed away, but this was the last thing his dad owned of his. Getting to hold onto a ring so timeless for his own wedding day was seriously just so heartfelt!



I hadn’t met the rest of Lauren’s family before, but the second they walked in the room, I could instantly feel the closeness they held for one another! Seeing her brother and dad getting emotional seeing how gorgeous she looked gave me all the feels!! The bridesmaids even had Lauren’s grandma on a live video so she could feel like she was really there… :'( so precious!



But I guess enough about my feelings for now right?! Let’s talk about how Lauren and Trevor met!

( Stolen from their Knot profile, with permission of course… 😉 )

“We’d like to think our story is unique and in many ways it is. What started off as a northern girl moving down south to chase her dream of being a teacher, resulted in something much more important. She would soon realize that fate didn’t bring her to the country roads of North Carolina to be a teacher, but to meet the man of her dreams. And that’s where the story begins….”



“We met online shortly after Lauren moved to North Carolina to accept a teaching position. It was the day before her first day of school when Trevor pulled out every trick in the book to persuade her to go out for one drink. Just one drink. Finally, she said yes and the rest is history.”


And onto their engagement!!

“After over 2 years of dating, Trevor finally decided to make this northern girl his southern bride. Her parents were in town for spring break so it was as good a time as any. We all headed to downtown Fayetteville during Easter weekend for festivities. Lauren and her parents met Trevor at a local bar where she was surprised by a visit by her brother from New York.”



“With Lauren already in tears and completely surprised, we all started walking down the brick-paved downtown streets of Fayetteville. As we came to a small fountain, Lauren began to look around as the crowd we were with began to disburse from around her. Little did we know that this fountain would be a landmark in our lives.”



“It was at this time that Trevor got down on one knee and asked Lauren to be his wife. He could barely get the words out before she said yes! Strangers passing honked their horns and clapped as they got to share in our joyous moment. Lauren had no idea that the entire weekend would end up being a celebration of our engagement.”



Alright, now can we talk about the part that Trevor and Lauren were most excited about for their wedding?! (outside of being married of course….)



If it isn’t obvious by the time you get through this… Lauren and Trevor’s favorite part of the day was the reception, and particularly the dancing time!


For Trevor: The hora was my favorite part.

For Lauren: My first dance.




Now for the toasts, from the sweetest people, cake cutting, and of course… the rest of reception!


This is where you get to see the proof that this family can seriously get down on the dance floor!! I won’t lie, the DJ was AMAZING… and I couldn’t help but share some snapchat vids and silly dance moves too! Oh, and if you look close enough you’ll see a few die hard Yankees fans! 😉





Venue: The Farm at 95

Catering: Old North State Catering


Planner: Deborah Davis

DJ: Platinum Events DJs – Tim Nobles

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